I’m Looking for Co-Hosts!

I started out with one regular co-host, but it didn’t take very long before he had to move on to other priorities.  So now I really want to continue having these discussions, but don’t have anyone to discuss with.  Here are some examples of topics that I’d like to debate a theist (particularly a Christian) about:

  • The inerrancy and literality of the Bible
  • Should the burden of proof be on theism or atheism?
  • How is the God of the Bible not just a giant jerk?
  • Couldn’t all the positive effects of religion be chalked up to the Placebo Effect?
  • Out of all the denominations or flavors of Christianity, what are the odds that yours is the one that just happens to know exactly how God wants people to live?
  • Is faith or skepticism more virtuous?
  • What’s the point of God having a specific plan for everyone’s life if nobody really knows what it is?
  • Can the limitation of gay rights really be justified without the Bible?
  • In what ways does an actual relationship with God differ from someone who falsely believes they have a relationship with God?
  • Isn’t God really just eternally punishing people for exercising a reasonable amount of rationality and skepticism?
  • Can you really justify torture (as in, the eternal torture of Hell) as ever being a just punishment for anything?
  • Why do Christians become atheists?
  • The top 5 reasons I’m an atheist

(I have more, but those are the ones that I’m best able to encapsulate in a single sentence.)

If you’re a Christian and have strong opinions about any of those topics and believe you can explain them rationally, then I’d like to talk to you.  You can email me at itywpodcast@gmail.com if you’d like to co-host one or more episodes.

While I do currently want the focus to mainly stay on Christianity vs. atheism, I’m also open to discussions of other types.  If you’re from a different religion than Christianity and want to discuss it, I’d be open to considering it (the reason I’m mainly focused on Christianity is because that’s what I was raised in, so it’s the one I’m most familiar with and have the strongest opinions about).  I try to avoid political discussions because those seem to get nasty and polarized pretty quickly.  I do really like comicbooks and geeky subjects, though, and I have some very controversial opinions about those (Jack Kirby and Frank Miller are highly overrated, the Star Trek reboot was terrible, etc.), so if you feel strongly about that field of interest, we could probably find some things to debate about.  Mainly, I just want to continue having good discussions with intelligent people, so if you feel like you can help with that, I’d like to hear from you.


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